Image credit: Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

These resources have been developed to support the commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day in secondary schools and academies. For more information about Holocaust Memorial Day and to access wider resources, visit
The project has been delivered on behalf of City of York Council and the York Holocaust Memorial Day Steering Group. 
A short film suitable for use in the classroom or assemblies to prompt a discussion about the power of words within the context of our own lives.
Duration: 3 min 59 seconds
As you watch the film:
1. What makes a home​?
2. If you were forced to flee your home at short notice, what single item would you take with you and why? (smart phones and technology not to be included).
IMAGES USED IN THE FILM (click to view/download):
Jewish refugees 1940 (credit: New York Times)
Jewish Refugees (1940)
Credit: New York Times 
Tutsi refugees 1994 (Credit: Sebastaio Salgado).jpg
Tutsi Refugees (1994) 
Credit: Sebastaio Salgado
Rohingya Refugees 2017 (Credit: UNHCR)
Rohingya Refugees (2017) 
Credit: UNHCR
As you look at the images:
1. What circumstances might force people like those in the photographs to leave their homes with little or no notice?
2. How do you imagine they are feeling?
3. What hopes for the future do you imagine they have?
'Refugees' - Brian Bilston:
This poem can be read from bottom to top and top to bottom - depending on which way you read it will depend upon the view of refugees that's being presented.
Divide the class/group in half. One half read the original version and the other the backwards version. Ask them to summarise the content and to summarise the perspective presented. Explain to them that the way you read the poem depends upon the viewpoint being presented and promote a discussion about the differing perspectives on refugees and why these perspectives might be held.
Download the presentation used in York schools/academies
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