The Last Wish in the World 

A full day creative workshop for primary schools. Designed to raise attainment in writing.


On a cold winter's night, a wizard arrives in a city with a mysterious box containing the last with in the world... but what happens next?


Led by an experienced actor/facilitator, pupils are encouraged, through role play and drama, to make choices about setting, character and dialogue. They then work with their teacher to refine ideas into shared pieces of writing. The sessions are designed to consolidate and build upon prior literacy learning to raise attainment in writing.


Each classes' work is then edited into an online book to share with a wider audience. Additional follow-up activities are suggested to extend work still further.


  • Suitable for Key Stage 2

  • Can involve up to 3 classes

  • 30 minute introductory drama workshop with follow-up classroom task

  • 3 x 60 minute workshop with each class


  • Refine and reinforce grammatical understanding and knowledge of linguistic conventions for writing 

  • Support effective writing and an understanding of adapting language and style for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences

  • Create roles and improvise/devise their own performances

Watch the trailer:

Watch an example story::

What teachers tell us:

“The children really enjoyed the day and it sparked a lot of enthusiasm for their writing. We are currently writing an ending to the story in their Literacy lessons so we will see what ideas they come up with!”

“We all found the drama sessions very useful and it gave us lots of ideas about using drama as a class to develop their writing. This is a model which could be used  in future Literacy sessions.”

"The impact on the writing has been great. The children are focused and are able to relate back to the characters and their actions. We are continuing to use the story and are now focusing on character appearance and their actions using fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and subordinating conjunctions. We are then moving onto actions with the correct use of speech.

The finale will be an independent write where the children will rewrite using their own characters and include an ending before your ending is revealed."

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