A half/full day creative workshop for primary and secondary schools. Designed to raise attainment in reading & writing.


An exploration of Shakespeare's classic tragedy through drama and theatre. 


Led by an experienced actor/facilitator, pupils are introduced (or revisit) the key events, themes and characters as well as the context in which Shakespeare wrote the play. The session is designed to consolidate and build upon prior literacy learning to raise attainment in writing.

Using techniques such as script, conscience alley, soundscapes, hot-seating, teacher in role and story-telling, pupils are immersed in the sinister and dark mood of the play to examine some complex moral questions: How can a good person become bad? Can a person do bad things but still be good?

By the end of the session pupils will have developed their own reinterpretations of key scenes that can be performed for others. 


  • Suitable for Upper KS2/KS3/KS4

  • Suitable for a class size (approx 30)

  • Can be extended to a full day to engage two classes

  • Drama based with opportunities for close analysis of scenes using script and devised performance 


  • Identify and discuss themes and conventions within a play

  • Read aloud and to perform to show understanding through intonation, tone and volume so that the meaning is clear to an audience 

  • Support effective writing and an understanding of adapting language and style for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences

  • Create roles and improvise/devise their own performances

Watch the trailer:

What teachers tell us:

“The children were completely immersed in the story. they were desperate to know what happened next and were proud of the scenes they created and performed”

"What an amazing way to explore the play! Complex issues, characters and events were explored practically and creatively and the children's ideas incorporated into the retelling of key scenes. They couldn't wait to write about it" 

Would you like the 'Macbeth' workshop delivered in your school?

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