Research, Development & Evaluation

CLP work with a diverse range of partners to undertake research, development & evaluation tasks

  • to structure, develop and reflect upon projects and initiatives

  • to demonstrate the value and benefits of arts & cultural engagement programmes


With an ever increasing focus on impact and outcomes, many funded  projects and initiatives require a robust evaluation component to source and sustain funding streams. We recognise that organisations often lack capacity, confidence or expertise to carry out this kind of work and that an independent perspective is also seen as a crucial factor when determining successes, achievements and challenges.

Our cornerstones

The creative process is central to our evaluation approach.

Creative consultation methods with end users or participants is central to our approach.

Our staff are trained in evaluation and have extensive experience in the arts

Our clients* are key participants in their own evaluations.

* cultural organisations, universities, artists, charities, local authorities, non-governmental organisations, examination boards, policy makers

Our partners bring the unique insights about their creative process, programmes and context, CLP provide evaluation and research expertise. Together, we create the tools and process that document, measure, and share their story and values.