School engagement programmes

Connect with children and young people in schools to extend your reach or share a message. 

We work with charities, local authorities, festival & event organisers and commercial organisations to develop creative engagement programmes with schools, children & young people. We love creating bespoke projects... it sparks our imagination and creativity!

The creative process.....

We work with our partners to determine what the objectives and expectations are for the work. Very often these are linked to learning within curriculum/subject areas or raising awareness about a theme, topic or event.

We structure the model and promote the project to schools using mailouts, social media and the internet. We have a comprehensive database of contacts in schools and a reputation that gets us in front of your audience. 

Then we get creative - we use our knowledge of effective teaching and learning strategies that will meet the initial requirements of the brief to structure the engagement - perhaps a performance, event, participatory workshop and/or lesson plans/resources for teachers. You can trust us to plan a programme that's engaging and will be fully evaluated to ensure the initial objectives have been met. 

Finally we deliver.... and get the conversation started.

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